Genshin Impact Derpy Vinyl Stickers

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Vinyl Stickers based on the popular game Genshin Impact! A lot of these were cursed doodle requests on stream from people I know and I wanted to make them into stickers. They are not rendered but at least they're super cute and somehow relatable ;). Keep in mind that this is no offense to any of the characters, this is pure fun and basically based on some inside jokes a lot of my friends and I have. Will eventually add more in the future once we come up with more ideas!

Keep in mind it will take 3-6 weeks to make and be shipped! With the covid-19 still around expect some delays! AFTER THE PREORDER HAS ENDED, IT WILL GO TO REGULAR PRICING!

If you pick a set option or individual sticker option, please leave me a note of which design(s) you would like for your order! THERE IS AN OPTION FOR A RANDOM PULL/STICKER meaning you will get one sticker at random for a cheaper price

Please note: Colors may vary in the photo and the physical product
Characters in this collection:
-Seelie Aether
-Dandelion Lumine
-Lighter Amber
-Ship Kaeya
-Pikachu Lisa
-Fish Fishcl
-Rock Noelle (reference to spongebob)
-Jeans Jean
-Hot KFC Diluc
-Starbux Venti Venti
-Sucrose Molecule Sucrose
-Bomb Klee
-Bara Barbara
-Elevator Albedo
-Gold Star Bennett
-Razor's Razor
-Broke Mona (reference to spongebob)
-Angy Book Xingqiu
-Melting Popsicle Chongyun
-Boat Beidou
-Rock Ningguang (reference to spongebob)
-Deer Yanfei
-Golem Zhongli
-Lightning Mcqueen Keqing
-Butcher Xiangling
-Potted Plant Xiao
-Snowman Qiqi
-Cow Ganyu
-Kazoo Kazuha
-Guitar Xinyan
-Ice cube Eula
-Rose Rosaria
-Fan Ayaka
-Firecracker Yoimiya
-Trash Scaramouche
-Hot Dog Tohma
-Christmas tree Dain
❀Approximately 3" (76.2mm) from top to bottom
❀glossy high-quality vinyl
❀scratch and weatherproof
❀Dishwasher Safe