Custom Shikishi Board Art Commission

$15.00 - $65.00

What are Shikishi Boards?
Shikishi boards are made from fine handmade art papers laminated to a hard board backing. Edged with a strip of gold paper and traditionally used for Sumi painting, haiku and watercolor painting. It gives your art a bit of a sophisticated edge!

Traditionally drawn Shikishi Commissions, one of a kind and made to order! Will be from the BUST UP ONLY. Will take approximately 1-3 weeks depending on con season! Please be respectful and understanding of my time. All commissions will be done with ink + marker in a slightly rough style!

If you want me to do yours in watercolor, please add on the +$15 watercolor option when checking out.

Please read TOS before commissioning:

Instructions on how to order in notes:

1.) Please describe the character & series requested for your illustration in the notes. If the character has several outfits, please provide outfit version name. If not provided, I will be using the default design or a design I like. Provide proper references via links.

Ex: May I have Luffy from One Piece in his Dressarosa outfit ; May I commission Enna Aloutte's 2.0 outfit.

2.)If it's an oc, please describe and provide references. I am not designing your OC! I personally prefer drawing fanart for these types of commissions.

3.)Please ONLY request one character per board (for this size).


5.) Will be done in MY STYLE!

If you have any questions, please email me regarding your commission.

❀Roughly 5.5x4.8~ inches shikishi gold border, signed!
❀Materials used: Waterproof Ink pens, gel pens, paint markers, highlighters, and copic markers.
❀Mailed with backing & cardboard support for support
❀Comes with a certificate of authenticity (signed)