Videogame Acrylic Phone Grips

$12.00 - $115.00

Cute acrylic phone grip based on videogame mascot/items to help you use your phone! There's a 360° rotation and adjustments to help prop your phone up anywhere.

Comes with an epoxy coat with smooth design to protect your hands from scratches

COLORS VARY WITH MONITORS! I would love to see where these end up! If you can, please post your hauls or purchase on instagram/twt via story or regular post and tag me @grakanarts
- Size: 2~"/5 cm~
-high quality clear acrylic, epoxy coated
-Adhesive grip/stand
-Will be packaged in an envelope padding

Grip is used to support phone usage, please do not grab your phone solely by the grip in dangerous locations. We do not take responsibility for results from misusing the grip. These phone grips do not work well with silicon cases.