[Preorder] Relatable Future Funk Sticky Note Pads

$4.50 - $20.00

PREORDERS WILL LAST FOR 2-3 WEEKS. SHIPPING TIME WILL VARY BETWEEN 3-4 WEEKS AFTER 2-3 WEEKS OF PRODUCTION! Keep in mind preorders will be cheaper than public prices!

Some troubles or sad thoughts you want to jot down? This future funk sticky note pad set is there for you when you need it the most in your most anxiety ridden thoughts.

Names of the Sticky Notes from Left to Right:
Smoking Errors
Drowning Waves
Free in Space
Hiding behind Flowers
Missed Opportunities

COLORS VARY WITH MONITORS! The end product might slightly differ from how they appear on monitors!

I would love to see where these sticky notes end up/are used! If you can, please post your hauls or purchase on instagram/twt via story or regular post and tag me @grakanarts

-Size: 3x3 / 7.62 cm x 7.62 cm
-Will be packaged in an envelope padding