[LIMITED QUANTITY] Genshin Impact Washi Stamp Collection

$7.00 - $14.00 On Sale

Welcome to my first small set of Genshin Impact washi stamp tapes! I will be starting off with the two travelers and the game's released archons so far!

What are washi tapes? They are made of durable adhesive made from traditional Japanese paper. They are commonly used for scrapbooking and decorating! You may use them gift wrappings as well!

COLORS VARY WITH MONITORS! The end product might slightly differ from how they appear on monitors! Please write in the note section which characters you want for certain deals (Ex. Buy 2 get 1 free/Buy 5 get 3 free).

I would love to see where these washi tapes end up/are used! If you can, please post your hauls or purchase on instagram/twt via story or regular post and tag me @grakanarts

❀Size: 25 mm x 5m
❀Will be packaged in an envelope padding